TOP 10 Reasons Why to Visit Olomouc

The second largest and oldest historical place in the Czech Republic

Caesarova kašna1. Olomouc has the second largest and oldest sight of historical interest in the Czech Republic (the biggest site is in Prague).   2. The Holy Trinity Column from 18th century is a largest baroque sculpture in Central Europe. The Column has been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in the year 2000.
3. Olomouc is an important site of Czech history. Olomouc was permanently inhabited since prehistoric times. The seat of the Moravian branch of the first Czech royal family was located to this place as well as a seat of the second diocese in the Czech lands. Olomoucká pevnost4. If you visit Olomouc you will see countless number of architectonical monuments in a wide scale of styles, from Romanesque to Modern Art of 20th century. Olomouc also has the densest net of church buildings per capita in the Czech Republic.

Culture and entertainment

5. Olomouc is a city of music. Even the known composers W. A. Mozart or Gustav Mahler lived and worked here for some time. If you are a music-lover, you can visit one of many local music festivals, concerts or clubs. 6. You may also chose from various cultural activities. You will have many opportunities to visit Czech theater, ballet, opera or opereta.
7. Do you prefer art? In Olomouc you will have a great opportunity to visit wide scale of different museums and galleries! 8. Olomouc is also a seat of one of the oldest Czech universities, therefore you can find here tens of bars, discos, cinemas and sport opportunities (tennis, bowling, squash, minigolf, golf, cycling, scenic flights, rope center, fit centers, swimming pools, horse ridding etc).


9. If you like good food, Olomouc for sure won’t let you down. It would be shame not to taste a local specialty – Olomouc’s cottage cheeses (olomoucké tvarůžky). Don’t let its characteristic strong smell discourage you. They taste really good; and they are also very healthy since include lots of proteins and just a little amount of fat (the producer says the tiniest from all the cheeses in the world). If you prefer less exotic food in tens of local restaurants you will find delicious Czech food for very reasonable prices. After hearty food or exhausting sightseeing you can have a rest in a stylish Olomouc’s cafe or a tearoom.

Perl on a green pillow

10. Olomouc has a poetical nickname “the Perl on a green pillow”. The city that is to say, lies directly in a green heart of Morava, surrounded by parks (area more that 47 hectares!), fields and within view of wooded hills. Only 20 km from Olomouc there is a beautiful protected natural area Litovelské Pomoraví with preserved authentic Central European flood plain forests.